Hebros Hotel
Книга за Гости
History of the Hebros Hotel-Restaurant
    The three-hills are an extraordinary architectural reserve – today the restored and revived Renaissance houses are housing numerous museums, galleries  and art centers. The charm of the Old town fascinates the visitors of Plovdiv for the rest of their lives.
    HEBROS hotel-restaurant dwells in a Renaissance house built by a wealthy local merchant of textile and furs about two hundred years ago. Later the house becomes property of Neshev - the family of one of the survivors of the battle for liberation of Bulgaria at Shipka peak in the Balkan mountains in 1878. In the seventies of 20th century the heirs sell the house to the municipality of Plovdiv. Until the end of the eighties it is used as a place for receptions of the local communist party organization. In this period, the house is substantially restored and reconstructed maintaining its original appearance. In 1999, after being privatized, the place opens its doors for all the people appreciating the unique Renaissance atmosphere. Its guests are diplomats, businessmen and tourists from all over the world.